Holiday fun

Hi everyone, 

So no one knows but right now I’m in England. Actually I’m in Southampton but I have been to London and Brighton. 

The U.K is very different to Adelaide where I live. The weather has been very good here and it has only rained twice. My favourite place I have been to so far has been The making of Harry Potter, it was awesome.

I have taken lots of pictures which I will share with you.

The first one is on the plane when I was leaving Adelaide.

The second picture is of a telephone box.

The third picture is of the London Eye which was so big. I took that picture will I was on a Thames cruise.

The next photo is the famous Big Ben.

The fifth one is Hampton Court Palace which I only quickly popped into.

The sixth picture is of the Tower of London. I got to see the Crown Jewels!

The seventh picture is of Dumbledores stair case And it was at The making of Harry Potter.

The last photo was also from Harry Potter. It is a picture of butter beer.

That’s all for now so I will talk to you soon! Bye!