The Best Ghost Ever

Hi everyone,

On my last post, I told you that I will write whatever I want to write about.

Last night, my dad and I went to go and see Ghost the Musical.

It was amazing!

The special effects were incredible and the cast’s voices were extraordinary! If anyone was thinking about going to see it but now aren’t, I would definitely reconsider.

Here are two pictures that I took of last night.


Ghost BeFunky 2

Ghost BeFunky

Ghost BeFunky 3.jpg


Also, if you haven’t guessed, I live in Adelaide, South Australia, Australia, Down Under!

The choreography was excellent and I am pretty sure everyone that bought tickets loved the musical as much and me and my dad did.

If anyone else went, I would love to hear what you guys thought of it!

Over and out xxx


Starting Something New

Hi everyone,

This is my little ray of sunshine blog.

Here are some facts that you should know about me.

First of all, I love One Direction, although that doesn’t mean that I will talk about them all the time.

Second, my favourite colours are blue and pink.

Third and finally, I love animals.

So let’s cut to the chase, everybody knows that starting something new can quite often be scary, for example, a first day at a new school, that can be terrifying. Although blogging isn’t that scary, it is something new that I am willing to try out.

My dad believes that this will be a good way to communicate with people and that is half the reason I started this blog, the other half is me wanting to do this.

So to start off, I will tell you what I will be blogging about. Just to sort things out, I won’t just be blogging about one thing, I will blog whatever I want to blog about.

I will also post pictures and maybe even videos, who knows.

So this is the end of my first post,

Over and out xxx